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Rafiah Mudassir is an educationist, who has recently celebrated her silver anniversary in the education industry. Over the years, she has proven herself to be an agent of change, as she was the first working woman in her family, and also an effective leader. Her academic associations include College of Home Economics, University of Karachi, United States Educational Foundation, British Council and University of Strathclyde


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I am first a teacher. My job hasn’t changed, but my audience has. Now, I teach teachers to use strategies and routine. My job is still to impact kids, but now I do it by helping teachers be as focused and effective as they can be.

Devona Dunekack.


Noor ul Huda aims to create awareness about

  • 21st Century Skills
  • Future of Education and Professions
  • Awareness of Self and Community
  • Goals of Education for 2030
  • Importance of Girls Education

Projects of NUH

  • Leading women through training and entrepreneurship.
  • Strengthening the cause of women empowerment retaining the cultural context.
  • Creating opportunities for women to grow and progress.
  • Advocating gender equality.
  • VisionEdu Global brings together the best of mentors, trainers and coaches together on one platform to learn the latest in the field of Education. The platform will connect educators across the globe and provide the latest in Education and Technology.
  • Pakistan Vision 2030 will provide a platform to the youth of Pakistan to showcase their skills and develop their capacity. Population of Pakistan has 61% youth at this point in time. Youth of Pakistan is talented and wants to uplift Pakistan.
  • NUH aims to foster a sense of self-actualization among professionals, parents, and youth so that they are able to reach their full potential.
  • The Noor ul Huda’s welfare is a project of Noor ul Huda Education Private Limited based in Karachi, founded in 2017 by Miss. Rafiah Mudassir with the aim of helping poor families and make them self sustainable during their tough times

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STEM Inquiry Teaching Practice and the Effect of Mindset

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Teaching Science to Develop Analytical Skills

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