Training Programs


  • Value Based Leadership in collaboration with Ki Leadership Institute South Africa for all individuals.
  • Youth Leadership Program “The Leader in Me”.
  • Strategic Leadership Trainings for teachers to advance in their careers.

Student Trainings

  • Study Skills
  • Managing Time
  • Developing their own material, presentations etc.
  • Writing an admission essay
  • Creating CVs and own profile
  • Entrepreneurship

Personal Effectiveness

  • These sessions are directed towards helping individuals evaluate their own personalities and attitudes and improve them to prosper and achieve success. These include, conflict management, gaining confidence, improving self-esteem, and managing resources and personal self-esteem.


  • Awareness workshops for parents on child psychology, managing behaviour and improving relations with kids. Guiding their kids for careers and developing skills at home.

Teacher Trainings

  • 21st Century Skills training, mentoring and coaching to keep teachers abreast with the latest development in Education.

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